Why Steel is the Best Choice for Home Builds

The use of steel in residential builds isn’t a new concept, but it really took off in 1993 when lumber prices nearly doubled and construction companies began looking for a new, more economical material. Even after lumber became attainable again, the concept of steel still stuck around, so what makes it so special?

First, let’s look at it structurally.

It’s no secret that steel is stronger than wood, it makes sense that it is becoming more popular! Steel framed buildings can be built to withstand winds up to 120mph making them perfect for areas with heavy storms, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel homes are also considered a one-time cost option. Homebuyers don’t need to worry about termites, rot, or complete demolition from a fire. (you may actually save some money on your insurance because of this!)

Next, let’s look at cost.

Steel framed homes are more economic for a number of reasons. For starters, they are often prefabricated which cuts back on labor costs, therefore saving both buyers and builders money. Steel is also cheaper than lumber which means less material costs. Because they have more insulation than the average wood framed home, buyers save a lot on energy costs as well. We’ve already mentioned this, but because of their ability to take a beating, you’ll save a significant amount on repair and insurance costs!

But what about the environment?

Steel buildings are actually recyclable! Crazy, right?! Years and years down the road when it’s time for a steel built home to retire it can take on a whole new life instead of spending forever in a landfill! In most cases, at least 60% of the steel used can be reused! Because these homes are often pre-built in a factory there is also virtually zero product waste.

Okay, but does it work with any style?

We’d say one of the greatest benefits of steel homes is the versatility. If open concept is what the people want, then open concept is what they get! Steel beams come in multiple lengths making the possibilities endless. The outer walls would be load bearing so there’s no need to worry about extra, costly support beams or just accepting that there will be a wall crushing dreams of wide open spaces.

Are you convinced yet?

On top of all of these benefits, a prefabricated steel home cuts your build time down significantly. Because most of the work is done in a factory and then shipped via freight train or truck, you’ll be shocked at how quickly the home is built and ready for move in! If you are a Wisconsin contractor looking for a new steel supplier, contact us for a quote today!

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